Rocco’s Pizza has been very fortunate to be recognized by food critics and fans as one of the top Italian restaurants in Buffalo, N.Y. If you’re in the mood for a craftsman wood-fired pizza or a plate of delicious oven-roasted chicken wings, you’re definitely in the right place. On this page we’ll continue to share videos, news articles and reviews and other informational material produced by and about Rocco’s Pizza.

We want to share our proudest moments with the loyal guests who have been there to help us celebrate at every milestone. From opening our doors to making cheeses in our kitchen with a world-renowned Italian cooking master, we have savored every moment. We do it all for you, in the hopes that our food and service will always remain the standard to which all Italian restaurants in Buffalo are held. Check out the links below to see where we’ve been popping up in the news and remember to like us on Facebook to receive updates on upcoming events and promotions.

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